Hello. I develop websites and various software. I also write and record music, which you can listen to on my music site.


The Music Playground: Official Website

The Music Playground is a full service original music production studio based in Manhattan. Their website is comprised of several video galleries and reel players, and was built from scratch using Javascript and PHP.

The Diner: Music Search

This is an Adobe Premiere Pro extension custom built for The Diner. The extension allows the user to search, audition, and download/import any track from The Diner's extensive library, all directly within a Premiere Pro project. It's built off of Adobe's CEP (common extensibility platform), and relies on NodeJS to allow communication between Premiere and the user's computer.

The Diner: Order Up Music Search

The Diner is an original music library that specializes in quick "music searches", which make finding music for your project very painless and efficient. This iOs app allows you to record an audio file where you explain what type of music you need, which is then sent directly to The Diner. They listen to the request, and email you with an extensive list of handpicked tracks. Built using Swift 2.



A mock website built using React + Redux, where you can add ridiculously expensive paintings to your cart. View the code here.

Lights On

A clone of the classic, "Lights Out" game, created with React. How many moves will it take you? View the code here.

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